Fall Newsletter

Posted: 10/1/2023

Holiday Camps

With the holiday season around the corner we are planning our Holiday

Camps! We are already booked for the Halloween one but don't worry there are others! Please reach out if you'd like to sign up!

Thanksgiving Camp:

November 20

9-1 pm

Christmas Camp:

December 16

1-5 pm


As you know we are a

horsemanship based program.

Starting this month we will have a group horsemanship class. This will run Every Saturday at 1 pm.

We will cover a wide range of topics. Including but not limited to: first aid, stretching and exercises for both horse and rider, horse nutrition, and much more!

Students will receive work books that will have different learning levels. Awards given for completing different levels!

This class will take place no matter the weather!

*this is a non riding class and is offered at a discount!

Slight Changes to Lessons

All lessons will now be private or semi private. Which means max of two students!

This will ensure all students get quality time and attention from the instructor!

For those who are more advanced and choose private you may arrive up to 20 minutes early if you can get your horse ready without help.

That way your entire hour is in the saddle!

Now that the weather is cooling off we can get back to in saddle afternoon lessons! Spots are now open Tuesday-Thursday afternoons

Lessons start on time!

Please note if you are over 15 minutes late and have not reached out to let Stephanie know the lesson is treated as a no-show and fee is forfeited.